The Difference Between Leads and Data – Exclusive and Shared – Premium and Cheap

There are lots of sellers of “lead data” (include us) but lead data can’t be called “leads”. The definition of a lead is someone actually actively interested in making a purchase decision of a product or service. Lead data is simply contact and demographic information on someone that if approached correctly may have an interest in purchasing at some point.
The difference is huge in both scope and cost. I offer lead data list at a minimum of 10,000 at 10 cents per lead. But I sell “leads” starting at $20 to $35 each depending on if its B2C or B2B (and these are of course fresh and exclusive leads).
If the cost of a lead is very cheap (a couple of dollars per lead) chances are its a shared lead or a “non-qualified” internet lead. While these leads can sometimes be converted to sales, understand that you basically get what you pay for. Sometimes cheap is good and sometimes cheap is just cheap quality.
As a business development consultant, I often advice people on cutting cost. However, your lead generation campaign is always an investment that you need to be prepared to invest premium money into because the time savings alone makes it a high return investment usually. So when making a decision to buy leads use this checklist:
1) Am I buying actual leads or lead data?
2) Are these fresh and exclusive leads or ones that have been sold 2,3 or 5 times over?
3) What is my closing ratio on converting leads to sales?
4) What is the average profit I can net on each sell?If buying a lead list makes more sense then buying leads because of economic factors, be sure to have a clear idea of what prospects you need to contact to make your outbound marketing efforts, rather its email or phone, more effective.

Anthony Jones – Business Development Consultant with Alternative Business Consulting Solutions.

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What Your Business Can Learn From March Madness by GWEN MORAN

It’s March Madness and you know what that means: U.S. companies are poised to take a productivity smackdown. Chicago-based global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., estimates that March Madness will cost at least $134 million in “lost wages” over the first two days of the tournament, as an estimated 3 million employees spend one to three hours following the basketball games instead of working.

John Mahoney, chief operating officer of staffing services firm Kavaliro, which has offices in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, doesn’t buy that. He advises companies to embrace March Madness as a morale-builder and a chance to have some fun. In his company’s headquarters, the conference room television has one of the games on it when the room isn’t in use and employees engage in friendly ribbing over favorite teams. Here are four lessons he says companies can learn from March Madness.
1. Underdogs win. From the Murray State Racers to the Butler Bulldogs, every year, a Cinderella team upsets one of the legacy teams. When your company is up against a big competitor, this reminder can be inspirational and encourage your employees to bring their A-game, no matter what the odds.

2. Working together works. The big trophy goes to teams whose members work together. Backstabbing, infighting, blame — these are poisonous habits for companies just as they are for basketball teams, Mahoney says. The big wins happen when everyone works together for the good of the team (or the company).

3. Fun matters. Basketball is fun. It’s fun to watch the games. It’s fun to try to predict who is going to win. It’s fun to trash-talk with your co-workers. Enjoying the tournament together instead of fighting with employees about sneaking a peek at the games is going to build good will and make the office environment a much more pleasant place to be.

“When you let people enjoy the things they love instead of trying to control them, and you trust them to do the right thing, that pays off for the company,” he says.

4. Some moments really matter. The NCAA tournament is a chance for the teams who made it to leave behind their season records. It’s a blank slate where anyone can win title “National Champions.” Mahoney says the lesson for employees and companies is that they can shake off previous losses or setbacks and use every day to start again, making progress toward their goals.

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Why True Joint Venture Partnership Formation Is One of The Top 5 Ways For Quickly Growing Your Business

Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Fedex and Kinkos
TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade

Very large examples of companies combining resources, real estate, customer bases and marketing collateral for one purpose; Rapid business growth.

The key components of a successful joint venture or partnership are
a) does this potential partner serve a market that I need to reach
b) do I offer a service or product that this potential partner could benefit from having access to and c) last but not least – does partnering with them make sense?

The right partnership or joint venture can boost your business overnight, but what is it that you can bring to the table? If you focus your energy on developing and positioning your business in a manner that makes it a no brainer for a larger entity to partner with you, I can guarantee you that you will spend more time filtering potential clients then you will chasing for them.

Good joint venture partners: companies with large mailing list (email), huge customer bases, an expressed need for partnering and access to resources

This is one of the 5 key strategies we use to help clients of our SUBS (Start Up Business Solutions) and Business Builder program (for cash flowing businesses 200K to 1 mill a year) grow revenues by 20% to 50% per year.

If interested in learning about how one or more of these strategies can help you or your clients,

email me at or visit our services page and view the full presentation on the Business Builder program.

The Power Of Doing It NOW by Anthony Jones

I just spent the past few days at a very helpful and powerful workshop hosted by Marian LaSalle of Painted Path Designs called “Making It Online NOW” (search #mion) and it provided a wealth of internet marketing techniques that I either never knew about or knew about and did not fully understand.

Now when you attend a 2 day workshop, the tendency is the take as many notes as possible, get pumped up about implementing them and then after a few days of “I cant wait to start doing that”  you lose the ambition to do so.

Why is that? The simplest  way I know how to explain it is that you take yourself out of the “now” meaning you start to let outside situations disrupt your momentum.

I received pages of information and strategies from that workshop and normally to be honest with you, I would have put it all neatly aside and on my business To Do list and would slowly get around to it.  Instead I decided to stay in the now, and each night, I would implement something that I learned. Even if it was just a little something, it kept me presently thinking of it and it kept the momentum going to get more and more done.

I’m sure we all know that law of physics that states “objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest” or something to that effect.  In life and business, if you take immediate and decisive action to make a change for the better, it not only builds your confidence but it gets you that much closer to your goals, whatever they are.


So don’t put off that call or that visit or that email, do it now if possible while its still on your mind and you have energy to devote to it.  If you have always been thinking ” I need to do a business plan someday” or “On of these days I’ll get around to updating my website” do it now or if you can, get in touch with someone that can do it for you or help you do it.

The world is filled with consultants,coaches, resources and networks that can help make any large task or endeavor manageable.


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“People Buy From People They Trust” by Joey Pauley

If you are like me, referrals are a ripe source of new prospects.  The best way to gain referrals is by building trusting relationships with your existing customers, colleagues, and coworkers.

Trust is how safety is created out of fear. The fear your prospect feels is that your product or service will not live up to their expectations.   When prospects feel you are trustworthy, they feel safe to buy from you. At Joey Pauley Consulting, we use three building blocks to develop trusting relationships: listening, straight talk, and making commitments. If you embody these traits, you will be more successful in your sales cycle.

Richard H. Axelrod, Terms of Engagement (2000), p. 168

Listen For Understanding

Observe with all your senses; don’t just listen for the words. Challenge yourself to remember observations without assigning meaning, because if your assumptions are wrong you can learn more by tracking back to your observations.  When a person nods this could quite possibly be a sign of agreement.  Keep listening because you may not know what they are agreeing to.  In order to test your understanding, ask questions, be curious, repeat what the other person said in your own words.

For instance, after presenting a meeting design, I invite people to describe the project in their own words. I ask questions in order to assure we understand one another. Then when it is time for the meeting, I trust we are on the same page.

Straight Talk

Straight talk is the balance of positive and negative feedback with respectful honesty.  As a native Philadelphian making his home in Seattle I describe respectful honesty this way. On the East coast we have a tendency to sacrifice respect for honesty. Some see it as rude or even brutal.  In the West we sacrifice honesty for respect. Some describe it as indifferent or passive aggressive.

When giving feedback I often name the elephant in the room, the topic no one is talking about, but needs to, because it is inhibiting their progress. For instance, recently while facilitating an activity the group asked what I thought about their process. I described what I saw. Each person had individual ideas. The group brought individual ideas together in a cohesive poster. However when it was time to present their poster in front of the group, the presentation was lacking because they did not allot enough time to it. They agreed this was often how they worked.  A tough, insightful conversation ensued about what to do about their haphazard presentations.   Honest, respectful feedback fostered their trust in me as a facilitator.  I was hired two weeks later to facilitate another team dynamics workshop.

Making Commitments

Sticking to your commitments is the most visible way to communicate trust. For new prospects make a small commitment like. “I will email you on Monday.” If you email the prospect Monday trust goes up. If you don’t trust goes down. Build to larger commitments, deals, and contracts.

If a prospect asks for something by a certain time and you cannot deliver say no gracefully.  Negotiate another agreement you can fulfill.  Anyone can say yes.  Saying no says much more about your character then yes.

For instance, I was working with a designer who said he would send me samples the next day.  I set up meetings based on having the samples.  When the samples did not come I cancelled the meetings. The result was my colleagues and I did not trust the designer to be on time in the future.

Trust can be paradoxical; in order for people to develop trust, trust must already be present.  By listening to understanding, talking straight, and making commitments in your relationships you are extending trust to others. Notice how they reciprocate, because building mutual foundations of trust is the key to referrals and it starts with you.

The idea for this article came to me while preparing for a trust workshop next month. It occurred to me, that acquiring new clients is 5 times harder than keeping existing ones.  If you would like to learn more about building long lasting, trusting relationships or other workshops we offer, sign up for updates.

Organizational Dynamics Facilitator 
Seattle, Washington 
Joey Pauley

Joey Pauley M.A. is a board member of the PNW Organizational Development Network. Contact him to discuss meetings, programs, and retreats that advance individual growth and encourage cooperation and trust with leadership.

A.B.C. Solutions builds trust through offering performance based and objective based business development consulting services such as The Business Builder and The Business Incubator.

Streamlining For Business Success

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneur

This months topic has to do with streamlining your business to achieve optimum results with less capital outlay.

As a business owner/entrepreneur its important that you focus on doing your core business in order to achieve success but as a startup or small business, you are sometimes forced to wear multiple hats (owner, marketing person, salesperson, accountant, secretary,receptionist, hr,legal,etc…)

If your time doing your business is worth $100.00 an hr, but you spend 4 hrs a day performing these other functions, you can see how your losing half of your earnings potential (and this is just a round estimate for the sake of this example).

If you are not in a position to retain a full time staff to handle these functions for you, here are some great ways to still get these functions taken care of without that large of an expense:

Sales/Marketing – Use a combination of commisioned salespeople and/or (if you prefer to close sales yourself) use a prospect appointment setting service that charges per appointment instead of by the hour. The less time you spend prospecting and chasing business, the more time you can spend actually doing it.

Administrative Functions – Depending on the daily task you need, some things can be automated. There are several extremely affordable voice services that can route calls, take messages and receive faxes. For task such as word processing and data entry, use a vritual assistant maybe once our twice a week. Compared to the cost of a full time employee, you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars and still get your required work done in a timely manner.

Accounting – Depending on your needs, if you do not want to invest in a full time bookeeper or expensive software, use QuickBooks online service or use a QB certified bookeeping service that charges a small monthly fee (or combine the two if you have the time to enter your financial information daily). The big advantadge is being able to quickly enter and access your financial records (using the online service). Have you ever had to tell someone “I have to wait for my accountant to get back to me with my financial statements”? . If you are a small business owner, the faster you can access information, the better.

Legal – All small businesses need a business lawyer but most of them can not afford to just retain one. A great solution for this is enrollment in a prepaid legal program. You can access legal services both free and at great discounts. Comes in handy when you need agreements reviewed and drafted or making sure you are in compliance with state laws.

Human Resources – You can spend and waste alot of time developing handbooks and contracts. Use software to cut this time. Most packages come with standardized forms that you can edit with your specific needs to comply with your states labor laws. You can find a lot of free resources on this as well to further cut expenses. Also, use a payroll service to avoid the headaches of having to calculate payroll taxes,etc…which should be an option available through QuickBooks online

The more time and money you save as a start up or small business, the better. Your focus should be on providing a great product or service and you shouldnt have to worry about anything else being done (are my phones being answered correctly, are the invoices going out on time or do I have to hit the pavement to drum up some business).

Contact us for referrals to some of the resources mentioned if you need them and feel free to see any of the solutions offered below can help you as well.

Wishing you continued success and prosperity in your business.