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The Difference Between Leads and Data – Exclusive and Shared – Premium and Cheap

There are lots of sellers of “lead data” (include us) but lead data can’t be called “leads”. The definition of a lead is someone actually actively interested in making a purchase decision of a product or service. Lead data is simply contact and demographic information on someone that if approached correctly may have an interest […]

What Your Business Can Learn From March Madness by GWEN MORAN

It’s March Madness and you know what that means: U.S. companies are poised to take a productivity smackdown. Chicago-based global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., estimates that March Madness will cost at least $134 million in “lost wages” over the first two days of the tournament, as an estimated 3 million employees spend one to […]

Why True Joint Venture Partnership Formation Is One of The Top 5 Ways For Quickly Growing Your Business

Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Fedex and Kinkos TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade Very large examples of companies combining resources, real estate, customer bases and marketing collateral for one purpose; Rapid business growth. The key components of a successful joint venture or partnership are a) does this potential partner serve a market that I need to […]

The Power Of Doing It NOW by Anthony Jones

I just spent the past few days at a very helpful and powerful workshop hosted by Marian LaSalle of Painted Path Designs called “Making It Online NOW” (search #mion) and it provided a wealth of internet marketing techniques that I either never knew about or knew about and did not fully understand. Now when you attend […]

“People Buy From People They Trust” by Joey Pauley

If you are like me, referrals are a ripe source of new prospects.  The best way to gain referrals is by building trusting relationships with your existing customers, colleagues, and coworkers. Trust is how safety is created out of fear. The fear your prospect feels is that your product or service will not live up […]

Streamlining For Business Success

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneur This months topic has to do with streamlining your business to achieve optimum results with less capital outlay. As a business owner/entrepreneur its important that you focus on doing your core business in order to achieve success but as a startup or small business, you are sometimes forced to wear multiple hats […]