Through these innovative service offerings, we are able to help take the worry out of the entire business growth and development process . Full brochures and/or proposals on each service you are interested in is available by request. Billing for each service is different and some services can be paid for via Major Credit/Debit Cards, Certified Check , ACH or Bank Wire Transfer . Some services offer terms such as 30 to 90 day billing, monthly billing, barter payment (through trade exchange) and consumer finance options for longer term needs to accommodate all levels of financial ability (up to 12 months). Money is no longer an object to receiving the help you need.

Business Builder Consulting

Utilizes up to all 5 core strategies for fast business growth. This program is for cash flowing businesses (positive or negative) that need rapid business growth to increase revenues and financing opportunities. Program term can be from 6 to 12 months based on your need (determined by business evaluation) Revenue growth rate of between Up to 50% is the primary goal of this program. Best part – if your business qualifies*, there are NO UPFRONT FEE’S and NO DIRECT OUT OF POCKET COST*(monthly consulting fee’s paid from net savings and net profit increases) Request an online presentation showing the full benefits of this program.*Qualifications are 2 years or more in business, revenues of at least $200,000 a year and must be located in the U.S. or Canada

Cost Auditing/Savings Recovery Consulting

We are now working with one of the largest cost recovery companies in the country, responsible for helping businesses save and recovery over $300 million since inception. This is a great service for businesses that want to increase cash flow but do not necessarily want the day to day of having to work with a long term consultant. Among the many areas this service can help you save and recover cost in WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR CURRENT VENDOR OR SERVICE PROVIDERS:

Specialized Tax Incentives

Credit Card Merchant Audit

Waste and Recylcing Audit

Workmans Comp Insurance Audit

Parcel Shipping Expense Audit

plus many others. Go to our dedicated page at Cost Auditing for more information. This is a contingency based service, meaning we split whatever cost we recover or save you – if we dont get you savings or recovered cost, no payment is due.

The Sales Manager Program

For a fraction of the cost of a full time sales manager (which can range from $50K to 75K plus team override commissions and bonuses) let us provide you with a convenient and affordable sales management solution. For the low cost of only $2,000 a month plus an override team production commission of 5% to 10% you can receive all of the following:

Recruiting, hiring and training of the sales team
Providing both onsite and remote management
CRM setup to track all sales and prospecting activity so that you as the business owner can know at a moments notice whats going on with each sales team member.
Closing Tools – such as closing assistance, developing scripts, USP’s (unique selling propositions) and even sales incentives are all included.
40 hours a month in person access and all day phone or email access as available.
Lead Generation – For an additional cost of $30 per B2B lead or $60 per B2B appointments (slightly lower cost for consumer leads and appointments) we can use our network of at home marketers to obtain prospects or set up prospect appointments (use of incentives is free of charge and included in this service also)

The Business Manager

Have you wanted to start or buy a business but just don’t have any idea on how and where to start, what to look for or even how to run it? Or do you just need a simple solution to grow your current
business or business idea?
We’ll Find It, Fund It and Help You Run It
–Business Selection (Researching several listed businesses to see if they have potential and can support the financing to be acquired)
–Seller Financing and Alternative Financing Arrangements (Cash out or combo financing used to acquire businesses with very little out of pocket money down)
–Systems Implemenation (Developing and putting into place business operational systems and establishing written processes for all four major areas of operations which are Management – Marketing – Day To Day Functions and Financial/Accounting)

This is also an ideal option for absentee owners or foreign investors/entrepreneurs that are wanting to invest in/or expand to the US. We have access to immigration attorneys nationwide that work with us to help you with your path to citizenship here in the U.S. via L-1, E-2 or EB -5 Visas.

Management fee’s vary based on business revenues (current and/or projected)

The Rapid Business Growth Coaching Program is centered around our 5 core rapid business growth strategies which are: Growth Through Developing A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Growth Through Reducing Expenses, Growth Through Acquiring Financing, Growth Through Developing Partnerships/Joint Ventures and Growth Through Acquiring Businesses. Generally , there are specific strategies that will only work for your type of business so those are the ones that will be the focus of the coaching sessions and the resources we provide you to utilize in concert with the coaching to receive the promised maximum results. Due to the intense and focused nature of this program, it does carry specific financial performance guarantees based on several factors. Request our electronic brochure for full details.

To find out where you are going in business, you have to accurately know where you are. Our general business evaluation provides you with key information to be able to identify marketing deficienies, growth opportunties and cost reduction opportunities to increase cash flow. This is the first step to engaging most services from ABC Solutions but is also a great standalone service we offer so that you can implement changes in your operations without the assistance of a consultant/coach. To get the evaluation form, CLICK THIS LINK. To pay for the evaluation, we will send an invoice via our Square billing platform Cost $350.00

We do offer a more comprehensive version of the evaluation which also includes a detailed and specific marketing plan for as little as $2500.00 if you need something more customized to your particular business.


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