The Difference Between Leads and Data – Exclusive and Shared – Premium and Cheap

There are lots of sellers of “lead data” (include us) but lead data can’t be called “leads”. The definition of a lead is someone actually actively interested in making a purchase decision of a product or service. Lead data is simply contact and demographic information on someone that if approached correctly may have an interest in purchasing at some point.
The difference is huge in both scope and cost. I offer lead data list at a minimum of 10,000 at 10 cents per lead. But I sell “leads” starting at $20 to $35 each depending on if its B2C or B2B (and these are of course fresh and exclusive leads).
If the cost of a lead is very cheap (a couple of dollars per lead) chances are its a shared lead or a “non-qualified” internet lead. While these leads can sometimes be converted to sales, understand that you basically get what you pay for. Sometimes cheap is good and sometimes cheap is just cheap quality.
As a business development consultant, I often advice people on cutting cost. However, your lead generation campaign is always an investment that you need to be prepared to invest premium money into because the time savings alone makes it a high return investment usually. So when making a decision to buy leads use this checklist:
1) Am I buying actual leads or lead data?
2) Are these fresh and exclusive leads or ones that have been sold 2,3 or 5 times over?
3) What is my closing ratio on converting leads to sales?
4) What is the average profit I can net on each sell?If buying a lead list makes more sense then buying leads because of economic factors, be sure to have a clear idea of what prospects you need to contact to make your outbound marketing efforts, rather its email or phone, more effective.

Anthony Jones – Business Development Consultant with Alternative Business Consulting Solutions.

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