The Power Of Doing It NOW by Anthony Jones

I just spent the past few days at a very helpful and powerful workshop hosted by Marian LaSalle of Painted Path Designs called “Making It Online NOW” (search #mion) and it provided a wealth of internet marketing techniques that I either never knew about or knew about and did not fully understand.

Now when you attend a 2 day workshop, the tendency is the take as many notes as possible, get pumped up about implementing them and then after a few days of “I cant wait to start doing that”  you lose the ambition to do so.

Why is that? The simplest  way I know how to explain it is that you take yourself out of the “now” meaning you start to let outside situations disrupt your momentum.

I received pages of information and strategies from that workshop and normally to be honest with you, I would have put it all neatly aside and on my business To Do list and would slowly get around to it.  Instead I decided to stay in the now, and each night, I would implement something that I learned. Even if it was just a little something, it kept me presently thinking of it and it kept the momentum going to get more and more done.

I’m sure we all know that law of physics that states “objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest” or something to that effect.  In life and business, if you take immediate and decisive action to make a change for the better, it not only builds your confidence but it gets you that much closer to your goals, whatever they are.


So don’t put off that call or that visit or that email, do it now if possible while its still on your mind and you have energy to devote to it.  If you have always been thinking ” I need to do a business plan someday” or “On of these days I’ll get around to updating my website” do it now or if you can, get in touch with someone that can do it for you or help you do it.

The world is filled with consultants,coaches, resources and networks that can help make any large task or endeavor manageable.


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