Why True Joint Venture Partnership Formation Is One of The Top 5 Ways For Quickly Growing Your Business

Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Fedex and Kinkos
TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade

Very large examples of companies combining resources, real estate, customer bases and marketing collateral for one purpose; Rapid business growth.

The key components of a successful joint venture or partnership are
a) does this potential partner serve a market that I need to reach
b) do I offer a service or product that this potential partner could benefit from having access to and c) last but not least – does partnering with them make sense?

The right partnership or joint venture can boost your business overnight, but what is it that you can bring to the table? If you focus your energy on developing and positioning your business in a manner that makes it a no brainer for a larger entity to partner with you, I can guarantee you that you will spend more time filtering potential clients then you will chasing for them.

Good joint venture partners: companies with large mailing list (email), huge customer bases, an expressed need for partnering and access to resources

This is one of the 5 key strategies we use to help clients of our SUBS (Start Up Business Solutions) and Business Builder program (for cash flowing businesses 200K to 1 mill a year) grow revenues by 20% to 50% per year.

If interested in learning about how one or more of these strategies can help you or your clients,

email me at ajones@ab-consultingsolutions.com or visit our services page and view the full presentation on the Business Builder program.

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